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Brave. Bold. Sensational. That’s what we think of our region on the rise. But we know not everyone recognizes that about Greater Rochester, NY. So we’re excited to be launching a new anthem video—to awaken the unaware, school the doubters, pump up more with pride, and open eyes and minds to what Greater ROC is and offers. It’s “Greater Than You Know.”


This fresh cut, set to release on February 1, 2024, features a mix of vignettes showcasing the culture, recreation, landscapes and natural resources we embrace and benefit from. To underscore it all, we tapped local musician, producer and high school educator Levi Bennett—interviewed for the anthem teaser video here—to compose original music that embodies the sound and feeling of Greater ROC.

“You're going to see a grade-A performance, 100%.”

Bennett credits Rochester with influencing his professional journey and growing success. Originally from Connecticut, he attended the School of the Arts and Nazareth University, honing his skills in jazz band, the orchestra and musicals, and playing with fellow local artists like Danielle Ponder, Carlton Wilcox, Jimmie Highsmith Jr. and Judah Sealy. For this piece, he drew inspiration from various sources: the cool, calm vibe of the water, the mosaic of music genres here and the annual festivities that bring people together—“the things that make me feel like this is home.” 

Stay connected and look for greater things to come as we roll out more on our website, YouTube and social channels, highlighting others in the anthem video and across our nine-county region living their Greater life to the fullest.
And if you have a story to share, let’s hear it! Greater isn’t meant to be kept under wraps. 


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