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Jared Brunson is a guest dancer and choreographer for Rochester City Ballet. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, he’s lived all over the U.S. pursuing his craft. While he’s currently the associate artistic director of Ballet Virginia, Jared came to the Greater Rochester region years ago and loves it.

"The arts are blooming in Greater ROC."

“I love the community. The community loves the ballet. There’s a lot of history here with the arts that is supported, so that is something that’s great about being in Rochester … I have really close ties and relationships with the dancers here, going back a decade, and so I feel as though my family is here.”

Jared notes that Rochester City Ballet has been nationally respected for producing high-quality dance for nearly 40 years. Part of maintaining the tradition of that art form is the discipline and repetition of continuing to respect its tradition. From classical to contemporary, cutting-edge to theatrical, Rochester City Ballet performs classical and master works by renowned choreographers and commissioned original pieces by established and emerging choreographers. It’s also the only professional ballet company in the state outside of New York City.

As for Greater Rochester, and the Neighborhood of the Arts in particular, Jared says, “There’s something about this place. It is its own living ecosystem that is the arts, the food, the social life—all these things in one. I always find something new to do.”


He’s seeing people moving in by the droves from New York City and other larger metros because “Greater Rochester is alive.”


Take a closer look at the Living Here section of our website, YouTube and Greater ROC social media channels to see more of what Jared means. And check back for upcoming blog posts on a top seafood dining experience, a local sailing expert and Greater-based robotics improving agricultural challenges on a global scale.


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