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We like to say Greater Rochester isn’t just any place. It’s greater than that. But whether you’re from inside or outside our community, what do you really know about it? History, stereotypes or complete unfamiliarity aside, the truth is told in real stories of the natives, transplants, adventurers, entrepreneurs and collaborators who are living their best lives here and moving the region forward.


Our newest video shows glimpses of the many fascinating people and their significant contributions to our coveted slice of New York. It starts with educator, musician and music producer Levi Bennett, who pulled from diverse local sources of inspiration to compose a signature sound for this special cut.


We also introduce:


In the coming months, we’ll share individual videos of each of these modern mavericks, what sparks their curiosity and creativity, and how Greater Rochester factors into their work/life balance. Proof positive of how we’re a region on the rise and the place where you can be—greater than ever.     


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